I so enjoyed the Noye’s Fludde – it was particularly heartening to play with young things who were there to make music rather than demonstrate skill. You should be proud of the spirit that pervaded the whole project – one of care, it seemed to me. I think that can only come from the top and it seemed to suffuse everything. It was lovely, and absolutely what Britten’s about
Sophia Preston, professional double bass player performing with children

Congratulations on a superb production of Noye’s Fludde. Music, singing, set and props excellent. Well done to the whole team
Janet Field, Sponsor

Noye looked and sounded terrific – you must have been delighted!
Cynthia Richards, –pianist and teacher based in St. Leonards

Many congratulations on a truly wonderful achievement. What vision, what determination, dedication, blood, sweat and tears – but how worthwhile – it was an amazing and joyous occasion which will never be forgotton by all who took part and was uplifting to all who came – and what a crowd that was!
Olwyn May, Violin teacher

We really enjoyed seeing the show today, it was great and what a massive turnout. A very professional production – the animals were fantastic. Well done and I hope you were happy with it all.
Adam & Jayne, Hastings

Through this choir my son has totally got the bug – listens to music and aspires to perform, understands music - thank you
Fiona – parent, Hastings

I have had a really great time
Marianna age 10, Hastings

My children have found it very enjoyable to sing their hearts out with children from all the schools in the area
John - parent, Hastings

What a fantastic performance. Well done to you and all for such hard work and what a great experience for all the audience and the young performers. My lot were really pleased to be part of the performance – they all said how much they enjoyed being part of the production. What a treat to see the church packed and thoroughly absorbed in the performance. No one involved will ever forget the time they were in Noye’s Fludde in St. Leonartds in 2005. What great memories you have provided.
Peter Mitchell, coaching and leading the children playing bugles

Just to say Noye’s Fludde was absolutely fantastic. What a feat and all your hard work paid off.
Sophie Mason, Artist, Sussex.

As a ‘born and bred’ St. Leonards person, I want to say what a delight it is for me/us that you and your talented friends have decided to come and live here and get involved in the local arts community. Looking around that audience, there were several people for whom it must have been a whole new experience….
Judy Appleyard, St Leonards musician.

To see the children delighted to immerse themselves in the joy of music is something so special. Thank you Nancy
Sue - grandparent, Hastings

The singing is brilliant and you meet loads of new people
Aaron age 9, Hastings

There are many lovely voices in this choir and the children clearly loved singing together. The leadership and teamwork was inspirational.
Amanda – parent, Hastings

I have learned lots from my choir and it was really fun for everyone
Matthew age 10, Hastings

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Nancy Cooley

Just to say Noye’s Fludde was absolutely fantastic. What a feat and all your hard work paid off.
Sophie Mason, Artist, Sussex.