Magical Music Journeys


Why choose one of these courses for your child?


Children are naturally expressive, curious and creative – as a parent you will have noticed this already in the way your child loves to paint, draw and play.

Why shouldn’t children be just as creative with music?

At the heart of my work is my desire to teach music from the inside out, through playing and having fun.

In this way young children can develop their musicianship gradually and unconsciously.

I want music to become a  natural language for your child, which they can use expressively and with great ease.

Magical Music Journeys are designed to bring imagination and wonder to the heart of young children’s music making.They are a strong foundation for learning an instrument, for reading music, and for any sort of music making that your child will want to do later.

What will your child be doing in the sessions?

  • Singing and creating sounds, using movement and playing some beautiful musical instruments.
  • Improvising, having musical conversations, playing sound games and setting stories to music.
  • Listening and tuning in to the music around them.
  • Learning about the elements of music – pitch, rhythm, harmony and timbre.
  • Working with children of the same age in a graduated course

Magical Music Journeys runs holiday courses

Next course: details tba: courses to start in Lewes in 2013

Please see Bookings page for more details, bookings and costs.


THE ENCHANTED LARK SINGING GROUP has started in Lewes and is meeting again in the May half-term.

Please explore bookings for all practical information about holiday courses and ongoing term-time courses.

The Enchanted Lark Singing Group

My new Lewes group continues with another mini course in the May half-term

Spread your wings with a fun and friendly programme of voice games, songs from round the world and all manner of musical magic. Details Here


Come and see how much fun these courses will be.
Dip in with your child for an hour one morning for a taster.
To find out next dates please contact me.

Nancy Cooley

I have learned lots from my choir and it was really fun for everyone
Matthew age 10, Hastings