The Enchanted Lark song group


Why find a choir for your child to join?

Singing in a choir has so many benefits for children.

  • They get in touch with their breathing, which is both calming and invigorating.
  • Singing opens the natural resonances of their bodies – a great mood enhancer after a day behind a school-desk, or hours in front of a computer.
  • They are also acquiring skills for life – how to listen to others while staying centred in themselves, how to be self- disciplined and to cooperate together..

What is the Enchanted Lark group like?

It’s a training, and it’s also a lot of fun!

  • I mostly work ‘a cappella’, adding parts that I arrange myself as the children become more skilled.
  • I use movement to help with breathing, and to express the sense of a song – and the children contribute great ideas for this.
  • I also like to encourage stillness and listening, because music flows in and out of silence.
  • I like to create atmosphere and context with vocal sound effects and with instruments, mine and the children’s.
  • I have a great variety of songs up my sleeve – from traditional folksong to gospel and carnival songs: songs from Israel, Polynesia, Brazil, Ireland and many other countries.  I also teach rounds, echo songs, and play musical sound-games such as the Magical Singing Circle, which deepens children’s listening skills



The Enchanted Lark group continues to sing in Lewes in the May half-term.

This is a mini-course for children aged 7-10ish: Tuesday to Thursday 28th to 30th May from 10am to 11am each day.

We meet at the Wood Room, St Pancras Church, Irelands Lane in Lewes.

Come to all three, or drop in for one!  We learn everything by ear, so you don’t have to read music.

Cost: £9 for all 3, or £4 per session.





Please look at bookings for all practical information about joining the choir.

The Enchanted Lark Singing Group

My new Lewes group continues with another mini course in the May half-term

Spread your wings with a fun and friendly programme of voice games, songs from round the world and all manner of musical magic. Details Here


Come and see how much fun these courses will be.
Dip in with your child for an hour one morning for a taster.
To find out next dates please contact me.

Nancy Cooley

There are many lovely voices in this choir and the children clearly loved singing together. The leadership and teamwork was inspirational.
Amanda – parent, Hastings