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Inspiring musical journeys for children in Lewes, East Sussex.

Would you like your child’s early encounters with music to be richly creative and playful?

Magical Music Journeys
stories to songs, moving into music

  • Active and joyful musical learning for children in age-related groups
  • Designed to foster children’s creativity and sense of wonder
  • Developing musicianship through improvisation and imagination using songs, instruments, stories and movement
  • Listening and tuning-in to music
  • A strong foundation for more formal music education
  • Courses led by an experienced professional musician with 30 years experience

Please click here to explore courses for more about what your child will be doing, and for the ethos behind my work.

Would your child enjoy singing wonderful music from around the world in a children’s group that meets regularly?

The Enchanted Lark song group

for children aged roughly 8 – 11

  • a  kaleidoscope of songs: traditional, classical, and from all round the world
  • action songs, musical games, echo songs, experimenting with listening
  • a choir training that is a lot of fun and boosts children’s sense of self-worth
  • learning to listen as well as sing, to keep pitch, to breathe naturally
  • finding out how to be expressive with words and moods
  • opportunities to sing solos
  • run by an experienced choir-leader

Please click  for more about the Enchanted Lark

The Enchanted Lark Singing Group

My new Lewes group continues with another mini course in the May half-term

Spread your wings with a fun and friendly programme of voice games, songs from round the world and all manner of musical magic. Details Here


Come and see how much fun these courses will be.
Dip in with your child for an hour one morning for a taster.
To find out next dates please contact me.

Nancy Cooley

I so enjoyed the Noye’s Fludde – it was particularly heartening to play with young things who were there to make music rather than demonstrate skill. You should be proud of the spirit that pervaded the whole project – one of care, it seemed to me. I think that can only come from the top and it seemed to suffuse everything. It was lovely, and absolutely what Britten’s about
Sophia Preston, professional double bass player performing with children